If you are reading this, there is a reason.  Everything you have done in your life has led you up to this very moment.  Embrace it.  Even if the sole reason is to realize you are not interested in anything I have to say and it points you in a new direction to a more interesting, better blog.  Perfect.

This is not a travel blog.  This is a blog about recognizing the ego and reconnecting with love.  It is about the way we think, the way we live and the way we interact with others.  Traveling has opened my eyes and taught me about myself and is what has inspired me to write.  But this is a blog about life.  About how there is a path laid out for everyone, that we seem to just accept as the way.  We get so caught up in following that path that we sometimes forget we can actually head in any direction we want at any given moment.  And when we do, this is where the magic happens.